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I have a tendency towards low blood pressure all the time so I don't have a reaction like yours when mine hits 90/60 (which it does fairly frequently when tested). It does sound like a medication issue if you're on two BP meds... hopefully it will get sorted out soon.

One more thought - do you not take your blood pressure meds at night? I was placed on lisinopril (1/2 dose) to protect my kidneys and was advised to take it at night to minimize that dizziness side effect. I have tended to get orthostatic hypotension (big drop in BP when I stand up) for years, and that with my sometimes low BP anyways is why they suggested taking it at night I think.

Definitely keep up with your doctor on this, it may be due to something else. With that bruising I'd almost be worried about some sort of internal bleeding or something which can also cause similar symptoms. Have you had a CBC, kidney functioning panel, etc., recently to check on things?

Good luck with everything - hopefully it's just the meds but how strange it's causing this reaction now.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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