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sun and lupus

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just wondering if everyone is automatically alleric to the sun with sle
i live in ireland so dont have to worry too much,i always use 50 sunblock and cover up on holidays.i dont suffer from rashes, but did have a rash when i was diagnosed four years ago but none there a way to safely find out if alleric or not. and should we be taking vitiman d suplements.:)
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Hi helen,

It is more UV rays that affect us, so that is what you have to watch out for, not necessarily sunlight (cloudy days are often worse).These rays can come from lighting as well as being reflected off surfaces. not everyone with sle is photosensitive though, but i certainly take a vit d supplement as i am and i avoid the sun like crazy.

hope this helps

All the best, Rose
Hi Helen,

Not all Lupus patients have problems with the sun. Problems due to sun exposure can express themselves in more ways than just a rash. The following information may be useful to you.

Take care,

Hi Helen i have lupus and i love the sun i go on holiday every year to greece.And i feel i need the sun as we dont get much sun in Scotland.
Hope this helps elisabeth
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