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Sun/face cream recommendation?

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Hi there,

Well after a bad reaction to a UV light I've realised I should be being sensible and need to buy a good face cream with UV protection. Can anyone recommend one that is pleasant and not too horrible to apply every morning? I tend to get allergic reactions to things so it needs to not be too harsh - I have to admit the idea of using ordinary smelly suncream on my face every day is rather daunting..

Any tips gratefully received!

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Sunsense Face is a good one - see your GP and get it on prescription!


I use Sunsense too and find it highly acceptable. I doubt it would be visible but I wear makeup over it anyway.

You might need your consultant's say so before GP will prescribe.
I would chose one containing Mexoryl because that is a top recommended ingredient these days but I don't think any of them are on the prescribable list and I get mine free. Many people like the Neutrogena one.

Good Luck
Hi Hatty,

Once you get into the way of applying the sunscreen, it's the first thing you reach for everyday. I use Nivea Factor 50+ and find it sits under foundation with no problems. Others I've tried didn't work so well and it took me a while as I can react to anything to highly perfumed.

I know Nivea do a lighter version now but not sure how high a factor is available. As the others have said there are a couple available on prescription which may be a cheaper option for you. I wait till the sales or buy one get one free offers and stock up.


Pam x
Hi Hatty,

I use either Aveeno SPF55 or Neutrogenia 50. They both have a very light feel. Good luck finding one that works for you.

Take care,
Thank you!

Thank you so much for your replies everyone! I'm going to try a few and also see if I can get something on prescription.

I haven't had a reaction to sun itself yet but it's freezing and sleeting here: should I still be wearing protection or do I only need to wear it on actually sunny days? I am assuming the sun can damage me in theory if a UV light can.. but don't know how paranoid I need to be!

Yes, it's all UVR. I'd say it's a question of being prudent.

I wear my sunscreen all the time like Pam says, as part of my personal routine. UVA comes through all year round regardless of sun shining and it's now known that some of us react to that too, or as well as to UVB. Right now here the sun is shining picture post card bright and of course reflecting about 80% off the snow.

Many experts advise everybody with lupus to take the same sort of care as should be taken for skin cancer, even if they they don't have lupus skin problems. That's because it's thought the photo reaction can activate the lupus at a systemic level. That's been shown by rises of protein in urine after exposure even when the person is taking precautions.
The skin can suddenly start playing up as a new symptom in diagnosed people. If 20%-30% have skin symptoms when they are diagnosed, 70%-80% have them in the course of the disease. I have also read that photosensitivity can decrease like other symptoms.
Many of the meds we take can increase photosensitivity.

Take care and feel better !

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Ok Clare, I'm converted!

I am assuming that I need some 40/50+ type cream - presumably there is not much point in some posh SPF 15 face cream?

greenhaggis;532747 said:
Sunsense Face is a good one - see your GP and get it on prescription!
Good to have the name of one. I will be asking for this too.:wink2:
Hello Hattie

The Sunsense has no smell that I can discern.

You need to look for broad spectrum with 5 stars for the UVA rating and Mexoryl ingredient is highly recommended. The SPF is for UVB and 30 might be enough and 50 doesn't make that much difference in fact, but why not go for the highest. Think of it as a medicine or other health aid.

There's L'Oreal/LaRoche Posay Anthelios and there's another ingredient Helioplex in Neutrogena's Ultradry Sheer SPF 70 I think. There are some comparison reports of the two on line.

Karol I wonder if Sunsense is available in the USA. It is Australian so would cost a bomb I expect maybe as much as the Anthelios.
I chose the SunSense because I reckoned being Australian it would be good. I did have some Oreal once and liked it but it isn't on the prescription list here. Being over 60 I get prescriptions free here so I was happy to have the Sunsense rather than paying maybe £30 for a season's worth.

For info about Mexoryl see

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