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i seem to be getting more photosensitive and my face and neck are hideous. now i'm getting a lot of swelling especially when i have the rash around my eyes. they swell so bad you can't see my eyelashes and are almost swollen shut.

is this amount of swelling normal? i've tried the creams the gave me elidel and i forget the name of the other, it was an ointment, but it just made my face really hot. neither helps when the rash gets going. the eildel only helps some of the scales come off if it's not too bad.
are there any other options? i'm on plaquenil 400 mg a day and really hope i don't need to go on prednisone.

the last time my face got really bad it was for 9 months and this time my neck is just as bad and i can't walk around like this for 9 months again.

people keeps asking me if i've been punched and it hurts like crazy!
any advice would be appreciated
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