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Sunny's big adventure

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I got back from my week long class late on Saturday, which means I survived. :lol:

For a week I went non-stop, ate on the run without considering what I was putting in my mouth (tons of chocolate with caramel inside), didn't rest at all during the day, worked in a broiling hot room all day long.

By the end of the week I was a wreck, snapping at people and the like. Pain levels were very, very high. I was running 100+F fever all day. My feet and legs were swollen like sausages (it's slowly going down), my lower back and abdomen hurt horribly when I peed...... it was very, very hard. But I did it.

As we were leaving, one of the women who knows I have lupus passed me by and said "now see, you didn't have a single problem all week! I don't know why you were worried about your health. And I don't know why you don't work anymore....."

Yes, she walked away alive. But I've been snappy and short with my family since I got back. Trying to detox.

I will say this: I ended up staying at a place that had water from Soap Lake piped into the bath for soaking. It smelled like rotten eggs! Oh my. A short soak deflated swollen joints and feet. Took the pain out of my back. Soothed my jangling nerves. And apparently killed a toenail fungus.

Wish I had some to soak in at home.

Well, that's the whole story. I ended up bursting into tears at the end when a new friend grabbed me and hugged hard, pulling my face down against hers. Pain was just overwhelming and I couldn't keep the tears from flowing. I was humiliated.

So I'm home. And now I head to Arizona on Sept. 4. My mom starts chemo next Tuesday. Depending on how she responds she will either pull through and get another five good years or more, or she will be gone in a few months. I'm going now while we can do things.
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Hi Sunny :hello::wavesmile::hello:

I am so shocked that you have been able to get out of bed since getting home. It sounds like you had a hard week (hope you don't regret it too much).

As for the women who commented on you having no probs and returning to work full time :hissy::screamin::hissy: well i think that just about covers what i wanted to say, she did really well to walk away alive and without a limp at least.

Hope you start to feel much better real soon.

I also wanted to send my best wishes for your mum, i will be keeping my fingers crossed :fingers: that the chemo works well for her.

Take good care of yourself - love n hugs :hug: Jo :hug:
Hello Sunny

"now see, you didn't have a single problem all week! I don't know why you were worried about your health. And I don't know why you don't work anymore....."
It might have been Einstein who said there are only two things that have no end: infinity and the stupidity of mankind. Congratulations on staying the course both literally and figuratively.
Was it quilting? Your quilting is wonderful, a great delight to see, so thanks for the opportunity to enjoy it :) I have given it up because I dont have the room and had to choose between it and painting anyway.

I hope you'll feel much better soon and can rest up - the trip to your mother's will be very demanding so here's a large bottle of Strength and Calm

I guess there is sulfur in those waters ? I wonder if you can get something like it to put in the bath, and if Epsom salts would be as helpful. Then there's that Dead Sea stuff whatever it is.

Getting back to stupidos, one of them once advised me to take a 'cure' holiday in the Dead Sea, because the combination of highest salt water concentration plus the blazing sun would do my 'psoriasis' the world of good. Then she was really annoyed with me when I told her that er, um, actually, I dont have psoriasis and her suggestion would quite likely kill me.:hehe:
Gotta laugh even if you have to squeeze it out.
Many featherlight hugs
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Oh My Sunny, I am exhausted just reading that post :eek:

I am glad you got through the week but hope that you won't suffer too much from having done it.

As for other people's comments, comment there! And, you know, we're always humiliated if we end up crying in front of others (it happened to me not long ago after a longish dog training class) but others find it less weird than you'd think. Everyone's been there at some stage for some reason.

I hope things go as well as they can for your Mum,
and here's another big hug,

Hi Sunny,

My hat goes off to you. You accomplished so much that week. Well done.:)

Concerning stupid people and their remarks.:mad: I am speechless. I had a lady call for a donation to cancer, tonight. I said have you heard of lupus. She said,"yes I have and it is another form of cancer.":eek: I told her in a calm voice, please look it up. Then before I could say something bad, I hung up.

Sending strengthening hugs for you when you go see your mom.
Thanks for the kind words all. Yes, Claire, it was an art quilt design class taught by Rosalie Dace who I truly admire and who doesn't come to this neck of the woods often. It was amazing. I did learn a great deal and hope to put it to use soon.

I do sometimes think I could get back to "normal" if I would just do it. Last week proved different. Yes, I made it through the week. AND I lost 5 pounds in the process even thought I was eating candy and cookies and such. I think it was the activity. Wish I could be that active all the time. But I'm paying for it a bit. My husband observed tonight that I'm mentally worse off. I have been quite confused mentally since coming back. I hate that the worst.

Hi Sunny,

It sounds like an exhausting yet somewhat rewarding week :) apart from that cretin of a woman :rolleyes::mad::lol: She doesn't know how lucky she is to survive :wink2:

I am glad you learnt some new quilting tricks but sorry you are hurting so much now :hug:
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