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I've had several surgeries and have not had any problems with healing or surgery itself. I have a opposite problem of APS, my platelets don't work like they should and so I have a problem stopping bleeding.

I have usually gotten a bolus of 10 mgs of prednisone prior at the hospital, had to stop my nsaid for a few days prior, and kept up with all the rest of my meds. I do take my meds with as little water as I can to get them down, the morning of the surgery.

I always take copies of my med list, one for the chart, one for the floor clerk, one for the pharmacy in the hospital to have for their records, one for the doctor, and an extra copy for me to have for reference. That way, I can rest assured that there will not be any questions about what meds I take and when.

Good luck with your plans.
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