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I've had a few surgeries as well and have not had trouble recovering from them with lupus. It is important to discuss your condition & how it affects you, and what medications you take with the surgeon. The doctor will be better able to help you weigh the pros/cons better than anybody here.
Sometimes, some extra precautions are taken such as a bolus dose of prednisone prior to surgery if you've been on prednisone in the last several months at all, and I wore the air compression stockings for a day after surgery to help avoid blood clots since I have the clotting antibodies.

But a lupus dx alone is not a reason to rule out a surgery that may be helpful for you for a variety of reasons. If I was in your shoes, I wouldn't rule it out at least given you probably want the surgery to help with back and shoulder issues. (I know someone that had the surgery - a healthy person - and she was very glad she did)

PS I moved your post here because you're more likely to get more responses here and this is a topic better suited to Living with Lupus.
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