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Hello :) yes people with lupus can get this. It's known as Dysphagia. I've experienced problems similar to those you describe when I'm in a flare up.
There is a Charity called Lupus UK who did an article on Dysphagia in their "News and Views" mag - I think it was a few years ago ? 2006.
I'm sorry I can't find my old mag copies so I can't remember what it said, but perhaps someone else on this site has access to old copies of "News and Views" and would be willing to send you a photocopy of the article or perhaps try chat room to see if a moderator on this site knows how you could get this info. I suppose you could try contacting Lupus UK head office for a copy via the web site

If you live in UK I'd recommend that anyone with Lupus joins Lupus UK if you are not all ready a member.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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