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Does anyone have a problen with swelling. My feet and legs swell daily. I take a water pill when it happens. Just wondered if its a connon thing with sle patients.
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my swelling pnly comes when on steriods, other wise my legs are thin, but i supose we are all different ppl .... maybe you are holding fluids at least you have water tabs to take, maybe some other underlaying prob going on, not sure

Lin xx
As well as the usual swelling of legs and feet etc, or fingers it is also possible for internal organs to swell. I sometimes feel really uncomfortable in the liver area although I have no liver problems. I know others with similar experiences.
x Lola
Hey there,

Oh yes, my legs, tummy, face regularly swell up to about 2-3 times their normal size pretty much every day. In my case though it's aps, not lupus that has caused this via micro-clots causing hypothalamic instability. We did stabilize everything else that came with the hypothalamic instability (hyperpyrexia, crazy blood pressure, crazy pulse spikes) but what has remained is a hypersecretion of a hormone called aldesterone. I take spironolactone for this and it works brilliantly! :)

Having said that, I also have angioedema and when I have an angioedema attack my face, legs and tummy swell but my throat and GI tract swell as well to the point where I frequently need an adrenaline shot to control the swelling and give the antihistamines time to work.

Now in the past I've also had nephritis and that made my legs swell pretty badly for a while. However I was spilling protein and had gross hematuria at that point and my kidney function tests were a bit off.

The point of all the above was to say that leg swelling may be common in lupus patients, but there are so many possible causes for leg swelling (like allergies, nephritis, heart problems or even prednisone etc etc). I am not saying you have any of the above, just thought it might be useful to point out that swelling could have many causes.

Do you have swelling anywhere else besides your legs and feet? Does your throat itch when the swelling starts? Have you had kidney function tests and a U/A? Are you on prednisone at the moment?


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Hi there,

I have posted in the past about random swelling in different areas of my body.

I woke up one day to find my right breast swollen 2 times the size of the other one. My left leg, from the knee down tends to swell a lot for no good reason. My eyelids will swell from time to time and every morning my fingers look like sausage links.

I do not take steriods so my swelling can not be blamed on this. I do hope it resolves for you. It can be very annoying.
Thank you for all the support. Its weird some days I swell others I dont. I never thought about internal oragans swelling, but, your right they sure can. Thank you for sharing.........Melissa
You have no idea how much it helps me to know this is happing to other people and that im not crazy. I really noticed this a month ago. I could acctually feel my bladder swell, which isn't a good thing. Im so glad this site is here. Thank You. I wish you the best.
Hi Rose and welcome to the lupus site.

You have posted to an old thread. (3/6/2009) You might like to start your own thread, that way others will see it and you will get more replies.
Do you have lupus or in the process of getting a diagnoses?
Please let us know how you are doing and how we can help you.
Take care,
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