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swollen knuckle/bump ?

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Hi everyone. I hope this day finds you all well and that everyone had a relaxing holiday.

I just was wondering if anyone gets swollen knuckles on their hands or actually they look like hard white bumps beside the knuckle? It is pretty big (actually bigger than the knuckle itself)

I am thinking maybe it is bursitis? Maybe swelling there pushing the tendon up? It is my pointing finger knuckle and the pain is bad and moves to the knuckle on the finger too. My oposite hand has the same thing but on the bottom of my thumb.

It is very painful and I go to the rhemo next week and will show him as well.

Also another question - I seem to have these black bags under my eyes........... I look as though I got punched out. :sad:

Every day brings something new :wink2:
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My father had something very similar to what you described and eventually had surgery to remove it. In his case it was a giant cell tumor (if I'm remembering correctly). He ended up seeing an orthopedic doctor after his family doctor had been keeping an eye on it for several years.

However, I'm sure there are many possibilities for what it could be... and giant cell tumors aren't terribly common. I just think you should probably go to your GP or rheumy and be sure to mention this to them at your next appointment and see what they recommend.

Best wishes!

I had one of these on my right hand on the finger next to my thumb. It occured during a lupus flare. When the NSAID medication started working the bump disappeared.

My rheumy always feels my knuckles to check for fluid build up and inflammation. I will ask him if this is a related thing or likely to be something separate.

A friend of mine who has multiple allergies (dust, cats etc.) gets black bags under her eyes when the allergies are bad. Maybe linked to some sort of histamine reaction?

My knuckle bump lasted a week or so and then went. The rest of my fingesr were pretty swollen, they go sausage like during a flare.

Hi Paula, I am so sorry that you are hurting right now, but the good thing is that you have an upcomming appt. with your Rheumy. Show it to him, make sure that he writes it in your chart, and ask him what it is, what to do, etc. As far as the darkness under your eyes goes, most people chalk that up to too much worring
and lack of a restfull sleep/ Learn to take care of you. smile.
Thank you so much for replying. I am lucky I have that appointment because "I have another one now !" :eek::eek::eek::eek:

My left hand has two, my right hand has one. They are very hard and maybe it is swelling cause I have gained almost 10 lbs in 4 days.

I am also lucky I have the kidney appoinment next week.

So I will let you know what it is. My hands are also very painful.
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