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hi sorry it's been awhile but hope every one is doing better. I have been taking care of my family putting everyone elses needs first (like everyone else does here), well guys , I've had 3 wake up calls mini strokes. having lupus
diabetties and ect. well you know you don't panic when you get a new pain,
you just go ok this is different and deal with it, but went to the doc and got
my butt chewed ( for good reason) been spaceing my meds, i forget things alot ( don't we all, personaly I blame kids & husband for that hahaha) so doc's orders reduce stress (hahahahaha I've got 13yr old,20 yr old who acts 16, 24yr just sent two afganistan & 42yr old going through mid life can't find job) funny thing next month I go to foot doc for bone spur removal ( they are going to have to wate on me no matter how tired you are eat when you are suposed to. don't over do things ( we are all guilty of this)
watch your meds. sorry for the lecture but I had give it to someone (my 13yr just rolls her eyes and walks away ):lol:
so please don't make my mistakes, remember it's not selfish to put your health first.
take care,
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