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TB test

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Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone out there has ever had a TB test come back questionable? This is probably way out there but I just remembered this and wanted to throw it out to everyone here and see if there would be any connection.

Years ago I did social work in a retirement/nursing home and we had to have a tb test. The area where they injected me looked different than others. The nursing staff called the head nurse and asked her to look at it. She said it looked as though I had an allergic reaction to it and to never have it done again. She was strick about how important it was for me not to ever have it done again? I am not sure why exactly but she had me have the chest x-ray every time after that instead in the injection.

Has anyone else ever have this happen? Just courious. You never know when and where things are connected. Although I am allergic to many things so maybe I shouldn't be surprised about the tb test!

Thanks for any input you may have,
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each time you get a TB skin test after the first allergy reaction the reaction will be far worse, so make sure you dont ever get one again. I would assume that with an autoimmune disease that the antibodies could trigger a reaction in the skin for the test also.
Thank you for your quick reply.

It makes sense what you said. It would also make sense that others would have reactions also.

Thanks again,
In the bad old days before anyone was vaccinated against TB they did the test to see if you reacted (i.e. to see if you carried TB). I remember as a child having an immigrant friend whose siblings and her reacted like this. Some of the staff at the school reacted alarmed which was ridiculous, you will react if you have had the vaccination previously. After a quick march up to the school and a stern talking to by her father the offending staff were educated :lol:

In your case yes there may have also been some reaction at the injection site owing to allergy.

Thanks for your reply Lily.

I could totally picture your friend going thru that at school and their parent setting everyone straight! :rotfl:

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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