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Just to explain, we're on this temporary url until the move to the new server is complete, which could take another day or two.
When you move to a new server, you need to point the nameservers at the new server address. This can take 24-48 hours to propagate, which is what we're waiting for now.

I've had a PM from someone saying McAfee security has alerted her when she's been on here. That's probably because we're running on an IP number ( rather than our usual address ( A lot of "dodgy" sites use IP numbers rather than proper domain addresses, so that's probably why security software is picking up on it.

Rest assured it's safe to be here and use the site!

Once the propagation has finished I'll post and let everyone know then you can go back to using the proper domain url.

It's possible there may also be problems with cookies and logging in. If you have problems logging in or staying logged in, just follow the instructions in this post.

Thanks :)
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