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Sorry you’re not feeling well, tendon pain is horrible. I to have tendon problems in both feet, the palms of my hands and the right knee. I have been told that the Lupus attacks these connective tissues and the tendon loses the ability to slide properly. It is like a rubber band, stretches and contracts and when it can do that because of inflammation it is very painful. When the tendon is fibrosed and needs to stretch it cant because of scar tissue from micro-tears and then it rips as it tries to stretch. I have been told rest is the best thing for it. However, you can’t rest these areas that are affected because you need to be able to move about and they move too. I have been resting my tendons for 1 year now and I am still no better off. I hope you get to feeling better soon! Motrin, ibuprophen does help a bit, it decreases the inflamation and also acts as a pain relief.
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