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Test for protein and blood

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I received a letter today from the Rhumatology Clinic via my doctor requesting a sample of urine 'at the appropriate time in your cycle so that they can test it and forward the result to the clinic.

Presumably they are going on the previous urine sample on 17th October.
I have sent in a recent blood sample for anti-Dsdna and I do no think they have that yet.

Would the request for the middle of my cycle be to avoid contamination?.
Im wracking by brains to remember if my last sample could have been contaminated and I really dont think so.

The other thing is Im experiencing this really awful itching skin. My hands and feet are the worst but I am itching on other areas of my body...crawling sensations and hot burning hands feet with pin prickles.

This has been going on intensly for 4 weeks at least although the symtoms came on in August and very mildly.

My thrid visit to a GP ended with me seeing a doctor in training who then bought in the doctor overseeing her.
I walked away with a prescription for stronger antihistamines ( Phenergran) and a stronger topical ointment Dermovate and a huge tub of Cetroban.

Ive been told to try this for another week (my hands are close to being infected) and come back.

Of course after I received the letter today I have googled and have noticed that there can be a link to Kidney problems and itching can be a symptom.

Any knowledge advice appreciated....Im a little concerned:rolleyes:.


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Is this for routine testing or did they find something concerning on the 17th October sample? I would think you would have heard back from them by now if there was something concerning - at least I would certainly hope so!

I'm sure they are trying to avoid any possible contamination issue with their request for the right time of the month ;)

Itching can be associated with severe end stage renal disease. I would think that if you were there then you would have additional symptoms besides the itching like major swelling and water retention/edema among other things. It seems to me much more likely that your itching is due to some other cause as I'm sure they've run the blood tests for kidney functioning as well these last few months since the itching started?

I would call the clinic with your questions, asking about kidney function and the results of the last urine test when Monday comes. Hopefully they can reassure you some...
Hi Maia

Thanks for the reply.

The Rhumatology clinic test is not routine. Its the first time I have had a request from them.

My last Blood test was not for the rash as well as I know , and it had on it Dsdna and I cannot remember the rest.

The form from the GP re the rash I lost ( this is the first time) so have gone back to a different doctor who has given me a blood form with C?? ESR TFT CRP in requests and Clinical details say Rash Lupus. Her writing is typically illegable.

I have one more blood form from the Rhumatologist to give in nearer my next appointment which is for ESR CRP and clinical details SLE.

I presume the requst for another urine sample is from the urine I gave on the 17th.

Your right, I keep thinking that I have no swelling, apart from a bit in my face but I get that now and again and historically I used to have it everyday when kidney function tests were good.

Monday I will try and contact the Rhumatology nurse and get the telephone number of the clinic..

If anything was seriously amiss I do hope they would contact me.

Roll on Monday:)

Thank again
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Saw doctor on Thursday. She showed me a letter which read -
Protein + blood +++.

So this is why they are testing my urine again. I feel it probably was contamination despite being aware of how to give a urine sample its not exactly an exact science for women , its so akward to get the urine into the pot int the first place!.

Will post results if necessary.
My Daughter has had blood in every sample for many years. Although it can be highly significant, in her case she was thoroughly tested by Nephrologists etc. and at the end it appears to be just one of those things. She does have some structural abnormalities of her renal tract. All I am saying is that Blood in the urine, even long term, can sometimes occur without being in any way sinister.
Thanks Lolalola

Yes tis good to hear as my GP I forgot to mention recently had a look at my GFR and it fluctuates but in a small way so it sounds like my kidneys are ok.

Im still will do the test in middle of my cycle and no doubt should they find something then knowing a more rounded view I wont panic!! quite so much.

Thanks again

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