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Thank you for your support...

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I wanted to thank everyone for the support throughout my pregnancy despite my absence in chat and responding in the message boards. I think about all of you often and wish you all well but have been and will be very busy.

My precious lil man, Taylor Patrick was born on April 3 at 7:09pm after only 5 min of pushing. I was in labor since 4:30ish am so it wasnt a bad day at all. I got to the hospital around 1pm. He is the most amazing lil thing ever! He weighed 6lbs 14 oz at birth. Ok I am done bragging.

Again thank you to everyone!
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Congrats and welcome to the world Taylor!!! :) :wavey:

The easiest way to post pics that I know of is to get a free account with or another photo-hosting site. Then you can upload pictures that are on your computer super easily, and photobucket (or whatever site you choose) will create a website link where people can view that picture, which you can post here! And please do! :hehe:

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