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Thank you Joan

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Thank you Joan for all the time, work, words of wisdom, compassion you have given to this forum.

I am very happy that you will still be around on the forum.:bigsmile:

Take care Joan!

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Thank you all very much for your lovely posts :foryou:

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Moderator here and have learned so much from everyone else that I will always be grateful that I found this site back in November 2005 when I knew so little about this disease.

Im not sure if Joanne, the site founder and owner, realises just how much of a difference this place has made to so many people around the world. It has literally been a lifeline for so many. So a big thank you to her for setting it up and maintaining it all these years and all the other Mods and members who have done such a wonderful job to make it the safe, welcoming, professional, helpful and warm place that it is.

I will still be around and posting. I still havent got out of the habit of logging on at 6.30am every morning before work (though I tried! :lol:). Its a bit like missing an old, quiet friend sitting in the corner of my bedroom! :hehe:

Im heading off shortly to my grandsons 'Naming Ceremony'. Im reading a little poem at it for him. Thought you might like to hear it first.....

Being Small by John Maguire

Sometimes I just hate being small,
When everybody else is tall,
I think the world is most unfair
With me down here and them up there.

It’s awful when a juicy peach
Is in a bowl far out of reach
Or parents have safely put away
The toys with which I want to play.

It’s terrible to have to stretch
For everything you want to fetch
While bigger people help themselves
To things from off the highest shelves.

Perhaps it might be less unfair
If they were kind of stuck up there
And had to wait till I came round
To give them things from off the ground;

But no, they can easily bend,
To fetch and carry, make and mend,
While if I want to reach that cup,
I have no way of bending up!

Cute, eh? :hehe:
Much love and catch you all later
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Thank you all very much. Im very touched by your comments and good wishes:) You're all a special bunch of people :foryou:

If anyone wants to have a look, I posted a picture of my little grandson at his naming ceremony on a separate thread in this forum. He is the funniest little fellow!

Much love to you all
Hi Elisabeth :)

Its no problem at all helping you out re the sponsorship thing. I have emailed you tonight. I heard back from Lupus UK and they will contact you directly. Best of luck!

Luv n stuff
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