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Thank you Joan

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Thank you Joan for all the time, work, words of wisdom, compassion you have given to this forum.

I am very happy that you will still be around on the forum.:bigsmile:

Take care Joan!

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Awwwwwwww Joan

That is absolutely beautful .i sure hope your everyone enjoys the poem as much as i did:).I just got back also from being gone for almost two weeks and also was kind pf shocked to see you and clare both were not moderators anymore:(but i certaintly understand why .You have been such a sweet caring wonderful moderator for sure.I sure hope you realize how much you mean to so many on herfe((hugs))).Take care of yourself now.It is about time joan takes care of joan for sure(((hugs)))).

Thank you all very much. Im very touched by your comments and good wishes:) You're all a special bunch of people :foryou:

If anyone wants to have a look, I posted a picture of my little grandson at his naming ceremony on a separate thread in this forum. He is the funniest little fellow!

Much love to you all
Hi Joan i am sorry i did not know that you had stopped being a moderator.Ihave been pestering you about sponsor sheets for leisa you should have told me i feel terrible now i am sorry that you are no longer a Moderator i have not been on the site for a while as i said to you but i Thank you for all the support that you have given to me and all the rest of us on the site Elisabeth:rose::)
Hi Elisabeth :)

Its no problem at all helping you out re the sponsorship thing. I have emailed you tonight. I heard back from Lupus UK and they will contact you directly. Best of luck!

Luv n stuff
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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