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Thanks and good news

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My thanks to whomever the member was who suggested The Lupus Book - 3rd Edition by Daniel J. Wallace. I was staggered to read [page 7] that 35% of all sufferers with LE have a "Non-Organ Threatening disease" variety. *If* my thyroid simply died by itself, and seeing that my Dx is SLE, then the odds are 50-50 that I have "only" Non-Organ Threatening SLE. Thus the physician who told me even before the Dx that I would outlive several of my organs (a distressing thought!) could well be wrong.
When I told my wife of Wallace's statistic she commented that 50 -50 is better odds than a lot of things in life.
I find this (possible) good news very encouraging.
A new edition of The Lupus Book is due out shortly. I hope he keeps that information in!:)
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