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I had a girlfriend awhile ago email me some of these. They deal with jobs and mostly hotel workers.

1. If you are going to die you will be required to first fully train your replacement.

2. Is a cheeseburger without cheese still a hamburger?

3. before taking any vacation time you will be required to be at least 2 weeks ahead in your work in case you forget to come back.

4. If you don't have a pool where do we swim?

5. A memo was posted at the time clock reading "No more rumors at work, this is counter productive." under it read "We heard we were being inspected tomorrow so try to get all your extra duties done today. Thank You Management.

6. Seen a sign that said Halloween Sale this week get your best deals before christmas is over.

7. Dead end sign with a thru traffic keep to the right.

8. Seen in the paper Big Yard Sale on washington. Looked all over all I found was was ington they had a big yard sale too.

9. Guest asks can we pull up to our room door and enter there? Reply No unless you want to use your window to enter your room. No doors except to enter the halls.

10.Why do fast food resturants ask if it is for here or to go, it is always to go they don't bring it to your table you have to take it to the table.

11.An airline that advertises Low Error flairs. I am not flying on that airline ever!!!!

Well some of these are okay and some are good for a laugh:rotfl:
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