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Thanks to everyone for all of your help!

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Hello, my name is Jodell, I am 38, I am married to my wonderful husband Jon, we have been married 5 years. Between us we have 4 great children, (mine) Ryan 21, Alyson 14, (his) Kyle 18 and Bradi 15, a daughter in law, Michelle and a granddaugher named Makayla who is 1 and who is spoiled rotten!!

I have just been diagnosed with SLE and Sjogren's Syndrome and hoping to meet new friends through the message boards. I have already learned so much in the last few weeks reading all of the posts and information on here. What a great place this is!! Thanks to everyone for all of the information and support you give to others! What remarkable, caring, individuals all of you are to spend so much time listening and answering all of the questions other have! I hope that some day I can be as much help to others after I am educated and as experienced as all of you are!! Hugs to everyone of you! Thanks again! ~~Jodell~~
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Welcome to the forum Jodell

I hope you'll continue to get lots of help here as you embark on this new stage of your journey. Many of us have lupus and secondary Sjogren's so there's plenty of sympathetic support and useful experienced information here.

Bye for now
Hello Jodell and welcome :) !

I hope you enjoy being here and I'll look forward to getting to know you better.

Hi Jodell

Nice to meet you:) Im glad you have found the site so helpful. Its a wonderful place here full of so many caring and knowledgeable people. I would have been lost without the support and information gleaned through this site. Its a timely reminder to say thanks to Joanne the site owner for setting up and maintaining the site:)

Much love
Jodell, I am sure you will help others just by being here and being interested in them.
You will soon learn a lot anyway.
Welcome here, and be careful as the diagnosis will have left you a bit battered emotionally.
x Lola
Welcome and hope that you find what you are looking for here. It is a wonderful place to be for all of us. I find that everyone in here listens and gives their best advice to each other to help make life better for as many as possible. I too have sle and know the changes that you will and may have already had to do. I hope that you post often and share with us again.
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