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It seems like every year at this time when the weather starts changing and getting cooler, I just become a tired crab. I am constantly exhausted, doesn't matter how early I go to bed, how late I sleep in or how many hours I snooze, I just have no energy.

I just started exercising this past week and I am trying to get myself moving since I sit all day long at work and then more at home when I do my school work. I am putting on some weight and feeling fat. I hope that I start slimming down soon and then I might feel a little better about myself.

Any tricks to getting more energy?

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Hi Lisa,

Once it starts getting dark earlier in the day I am the same way. Taking a walk in the fresh air invigorates me. Some days I crank up the music and dance around. Practicing some deep breathing for a few minutes perks me up. Also, I make sure to stay hydrated and stay away from junk food.

Take care,
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