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The Beach!!!

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What are your tips and tricks??? Here's my list so far (after all, spring break is only 2 or 3 weeks away!!!):

SPF 30 neutrogena sunblock with titanium oxides!!! The physical barrier should be more protective.

max cover concealer from aromaleigh where the sunblock can't go-- eyelids, for example.

mega strength sunglasses, of course. :)

Ok, I'm actually thinking about getting a wet/diving suit like this one:

It might also be handy for splashing in the colder water, especially with gloves, for those with raynauds. :)

Any other handy tips before hitting the beach this summer?
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I would tell anyone with lupus to stay away from the beach, even with sun screen..I went two summers yrs. in a row, before I was dx'ed and I am convinced it caused the disease to attack my CNS. I was so sick the last time I was at the beach that all felt up to doing was laying by the pool, soaking up the sun. By evening I couldn't even go with the family to eat...I would fall into bed, so exhuasted and achey. Little did I know the sun that felt so good to my achey joints was killing me. By fall of that year, I had so many symptoms and positive blood work that as soon as my mri's and blood test results came back, I was sent to a rheumy, who dx'ed me right away, and put me on meds.

Please, if you must go to the beach, stay indoor's till late evening...a little fun is not worth the risk to your health.

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