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The Beach!!!

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What are your tips and tricks??? Here's my list so far (after all, spring break is only 2 or 3 weeks away!!!):

SPF 30 neutrogena sunblock with titanium oxides!!! The physical barrier should be more protective.

max cover concealer from aromaleigh where the sunblock can't go-- eyelids, for example.

mega strength sunglasses, of course. :)

Ok, I'm actually thinking about getting a wet/diving suit like this one:

It might also be handy for splashing in the colder water, especially with gloves, for those with raynauds. :)

Any other handy tips before hitting the beach this summer?
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Hi there,

The beach, indeed any "open" space without shade is a very real danger zone for me.

I have to go with over 50 spf and as covered as humanly possible. If I lived elsewhere a burkha might actually be useful :lol: Wish they'd become fashionable here!

I once got second degree burns from less than 10 minutes exposure. I am very very careful now.

The Australian, cover-all swim suits are a great idea, don't know if that's what you linked to?

Not much use on this one am I, just the word beach fills me with fear... thankfully hubby is not a sun seeker!

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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