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The Beach!!!

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What are your tips and tricks??? Here's my list so far (after all, spring break is only 2 or 3 weeks away!!!):

SPF 30 neutrogena sunblock with titanium oxides!!! The physical barrier should be more protective.

max cover concealer from aromaleigh where the sunblock can't go-- eyelids, for example.

mega strength sunglasses, of course. :)

Ok, I'm actually thinking about getting a wet/diving suit like this one:

It might also be handy for splashing in the colder water, especially with gloves, for those with raynauds. :)

Any other handy tips before hitting the beach this summer?
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Oh I'm having such a laugh with images sunning myself round the poolside in Mallorca (this coming June), dressed like a scuba diver!

Whilst all other lady holidayers will be wearing beautifully coloured feminine costumes!

All ready trying to figure out how to get enough suncream in my hand luggage as thats all were taking (hand luggage that is lol ) - no check in as too much hassle for many reasons!
I use Sunsense Face 50 which I get on prescription, for my holidays I will requesting an all body Sunsense suncream on prescription too! Hoping that as its a prescription cream i'll be allowed to take more :lol:. Sunsense is an Australian suncream!

I won't like you be buying a surf suit as I get quite claustrophobic - and these tight fitting hard to get into suits would freak me out :eek:!

My kids use body surf suits in the UK as it can be quite cold in our seas lol , but they also get taken to a place by my cousin to Kneeboard and wakeboard - they like to look like cool dudes :wink2:.!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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