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The Beach!!!

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What are your tips and tricks??? Here's my list so far (after all, spring break is only 2 or 3 weeks away!!!):

SPF 30 neutrogena sunblock with titanium oxides!!! The physical barrier should be more protective.

max cover concealer from aromaleigh where the sunblock can't go-- eyelids, for example.

mega strength sunglasses, of course. :)

Ok, I'm actually thinking about getting a wet/diving suit like this one:

It might also be handy for splashing in the colder water, especially with gloves, for those with raynauds. :)

Any other handy tips before hitting the beach this summer?
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There are some excellent sun protection swimsuits available that are lightweight and fairly cool compared to the traditional 'wetsuits':

Here in Australia we have the highest skin cancer rates in the world because of our UV rate..............sad but true, so they have lots of these sorts of things available.

Apart from that you seem to have most things covered! I noticed on that site too that there are sun protection driving sleeves too which are a good idea.

I have problems despite protection so you will usually find me in the the shade and away from reflected UV rays too :hehe:

Happy summer to you................last week we were sweltering here with record breaking temperatures and those tragic bushfires. This week (where I live anyway) there has been a lot of rain and it's been fairly cool, well cold one night!! I had the heating on :eek: Bizarre climate changes :eek:

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