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Hi everyone,
I am newly dxed this year and have been on 400mg Plaquinel daily for about 8 weeks now. I also did 3 weeks of Predisone which basically eliminated the worse of my symptoms (terrible joint pain).
I felt great up until last week when I noticed the fatigue returning as well as the "achy" feeling. This week I am back to being unable to do much of anything and sleeping all the time.
I know the Plaquinel can take months to kick in, but will it help with this awful fatigue when it does start working? Should I call my Dr. and ask for another round of the Predisone? I really don't have alot of pain at the moment just feeling achy.
Basically I guess I am just frustrated, it felt so good to be normal again. I got more done in those two weeks then I have in the past four months!!
Thanks for letting me vent.

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