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"The Lupus Book" Dr Wallace 4th Edition

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A mention that the 4th Edition ( Oct 2008) that's supposed to be 8 )of Dr Wallace's "The Lupus Book" is now available. Sometimes described as the "Lupus Bible", this is the most comprehensive book about lupus written for the layperson by one of the world's foremost lupologists. A must for anybody who wants to find out about all aspects of lupus in comprehensible depth.
I myself do not recommend it for lupus beginners or for giving to family and friends to educate them - there are much better ways of getting early stage general information. Also a good many of the topics will never apply to one person, and the chapters about immunology are hard going and of academic rather than practical interest, to my mind anyway.

This is a link to extracts from the 3rd edition I think, to get a flavour of it.,M1

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Thank you Joanne !

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My goodness Clare,
Thats very interesting. Ive read quite a few pages and WOW. Ive ended up crying reading it. Bits on Fybromyalgia and SLE which I apparently have.
Its all there.... and somebody knows. It made me cry I suppose because its been so long... telling people all that is just there in the text. How comes nobody knew?
All the feelings and symptoms I have are there..
Somebody obviously knows how I feel. Its amazing and after all this time.

I still feel guilty and a fraud for feeling like this. But obviously that is normal too.

I cant thank this site enough for helping me so much to learn about this strange disease Ive probably had for a long long time.

The only trouble is I now feel I know so much more than anyone that is treating me.

Id maybe like to see a real Lupus specialist one day. Then I wouldnt feel such a moaner and guilty that I dont do enough or dont cope well enough.

Anyway thanks for that post. I will perhaps buy the book... but I might wait a while until I feel a little stronger to take it all in. It just frustrates me that its all there in black and white and the times I felt such a whinger and a moaner because nobody knew what was wrong with me.

Im sure if I was a rheumatologist and I had someone in hospital for hydrotherapy to help joint mobility and they had had it for 12 years or more with chronic mouth ulcers, bleeding loss.. muscle weakness.. bad sleeping.. allergy rashes.. and very minimal joint damage ... Id think.. arghh.. should I test for Lupus?

Lol dont I go on :sad:

Cheers Clare

Luv Sal xx
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