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"The Lupus Book" Dr Wallace 4th Edition

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A mention that the 4th Edition ( Oct 2008) that's supposed to be 8 )of Dr Wallace's "The Lupus Book" is now available. Sometimes described as the "Lupus Bible", this is the most comprehensive book about lupus written for the layperson by one of the world's foremost lupologists. A must for anybody who wants to find out about all aspects of lupus in comprehensible depth.
I myself do not recommend it for lupus beginners or for giving to family and friends to educate them - there are much better ways of getting early stage general information. Also a good many of the topics will never apply to one person, and the chapters about immunology are hard going and of academic rather than practical interest, to my mind anyway.

This is a link to extracts from the 3rd edition I think, to get a flavour of it.,M1

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