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The Lupus Recovery Diet?

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Hey has anyone on here read The Lupus recovery diet? What do you think? I saw it on Amazon and wondering what its like. I mean, I know its not going to cure me, but is that what it claims to do?
Just wondering whether it is worth a read and whether you have to be a Self Sufficient Organic Vegan to live by it? I dont mind giving up meat just not meat, wheat, dairy and anything else that in a main food staple so you just living on carrot and wheatgrass juice. Also not into all that faith healing hocus Pocus stuff, although do believe in the power of positive thinking!

Hey has anyone here tried Laughter Yoga? I read an article about it in Notebook magazine (Australia) Its something I would like to try out, I mean, a good laugh always lifts your spirits and makes you feel better.

Any comments of reading suggestions welcome :)

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Hey Shell

I have been investigating diet too. I have a friend who also had Lupus, she gave up wheat, gluten, dairy and red meat. She says it put her disease into remission.

I am always skeptical of anything that promises "cures" but I do know that similar diets have helped kids with autism reach a far higher level of "normal" social interaction.

I will say that in trying to change the way I eat, I have been shocked when reading the content labels on "ordinary" food. The amount of chemicals and preservatives we consume on a daily basis without even realising it!

I am easing into the diet change:blush:. I did find that alot of the things I had given up over the years (before I knew I had lupus) just cause of the way I felt after I had eaten them. I don't drink, I don't eat red meat anymore, and I started gravitating to fresh fruit and veg.

I am also very interested to see if others have read that book or tried other diets and if it helped?
Hi Shell,

I know we have discussed this in the past here but I can't seem to find the thread. I think everyone was skeptical of something with 'lupus recovery'in the title anyway ;) I mean if we could 'recover' then everyone would be shouting it from the rooftops. Often those accounts you read on websites and in certain books are falsified, no-one has any way of knowing if they are genuine accounts anyway :rolleyes: :wink2: Here is a copy of part of a post I made some years ago on what sort of diet we should follow:

Most of us tend to try and follow a low fat diet, plenty of fruit and vegetables, minimal animal fat, low salt, low sugar, limit caffeine (coffee, chocolate and caffeinated soft drinks) and drink plenty of water. We should get sufficient calcium from low fat dairy in the form of yoghurt etc.but if taking Prednisone a calcium/vitamin d supplement will be needed.

Basically there are no special requirements except some find that things like tomatoes and capsicum and other members of the nightshade family of foods may increase their joint [COLOR=#8E8E8E ! important][COLOR=#8E8E8E ! important]pain[/COLOR][/COLOR]. Others find that wheat products make their joint pain worse. Everyone is different and its a bit of trial and error and experimenting.

Lupies should avoid alfalfa sprouts because there is a substance in them that is known to cause flares.

Those who have kidney problems should not eat a high protein diet and their treating doc can guide them as to what they should be eating.

Of course if we have specific allergies to certain foods we need to avoid them, they will only rev up our immune system even more. Hope this helps,

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Hi there Lily and cherryred,

Thank you very much for the info. I think I will give the book a miss despite the old proverb not to judge a book by its cover. Thanks also for the heads up with calcium and vitamin d, my rheumy mentioned the folic acid but I dont remember hearing about the other 2 (he did say a lot of stuff!)

I will need to start taking my diet more seriously, So far I have just cut out alfalfa and minimised by tomato intake to the occaisional tomato based pasta etc. On the whole though I do eat load of fresh fruit and veg. Need to drink more water and go onto low fat milk (Its just not the same sob sob :sad:)

Any clues as to what colour 8e8f8e is usually in? I dont buy many packaged foods these days anyway, I have very active kids so I am wary of some additives anyway.

Appartantly though in Australia food manufacturers do not need to declare colours and additives if they make up less than 10% of the product. There is an exception for nut products of course because of anaphilaxis.

How about the product "xxxxxxxxxxx" (Aphadopholis Bifidus) I wasnt sure whether it would be bad for us or good. The thing is, if I dont take that regularly I get Thrush every month before my period without fail (I think thats the fibromyalga) Very annoying.... Anyone know?

Thanks everyone

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Hi shell,

Some of the low fat milks are nicer than others so you can try a few out and see which ones you like best. These days you can get low fat ice-cream too and I use the l/f milk for cooking anything that requires milk. Cracker barrel vintage light cheese is delicious and doesn't taste like rubber as some of them do :hehe: Of course I lovvvvvvvvvvvve my camembert and brie so I can't say I don't break out sometimes into the full fat variety :lol::lol:

I'm not familiar with that particular food colouring number, I did have a list of them here somewhere - are you sure you typed it right?

I don't know about the colostrum in the product you mention, colostrum has had a lot of claims made about it, but there is no evidence really that it works in humans (after all it's cow colostrum :hehe::wink2:). If for instance it did work and has immune boosting properties as they claim it does I can't see that it would do a lupie any good. Our immune systems are already boosted so much they are attacking us :hehe: so I don't think any of us want to encourage more activity. However the other ingredients will do you no harm, in fact lots of us use probiotics because of thrush problems.

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Hey Lily

LOL :rotfl:
So funny, I feel so silly right now.
There is no colour 8e8f8e!!! Its just when you were writing about the night shade vegetables etc there was a link you put in to another thread. But the encoding for the link was colour 8e8f8e ....ect and it looked like(to me) you were saying is was a additive to avoid. Well maybe I was just having one of those vague moments (can I blame it on that?)

heheh hey lily, thanks for the advice. Hey I noticed a brand name was taken out of my post. Sorry, I didnt realise that was site policy. whoops..


Just getting back to the original question....
I've read the lupus Recovery Diet book.
It makes some very sweeping statements about 'cures' which make me suspicious (Have Dr Wallace and Prof Hughes read it I wonder;))
Also there are some very worrying witness stories about 'curing' or controlling diabetes as well. While the effects of a steroid-induced diabetes will obviously be greatly reduced by getting off the drug I know of no cases of type 1 diabetes being cured.
The book advocates starting the diet with a 48 hour water fast which I really think should not be attemptd without medical supervision, and a dairy-free vegan diet. Worrying if you are on pred........we need that calcium.

I'm not judgemental or overly cynical .I try to adopt a 'whatever gets you through the night' approach, but I do resent the false hope given by these huge claims of cures.

Just my opinion for what its worth..................This site has over 22,000 members...if anyone of them has been cured by this book I will be very happy to stand corrected.:)
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I don't know much about the Lupus Recovery Diet (except the reviews I read about it on Amazon), but I have tried Laughter Yoga at a work function. I found it a bit contrived (i.e., forcing yourself to laugh forcefully), but I think it also depends on who your trainer is. I wasn't too impressed, but I would imagine that it would have potential in helping people "let go". I say just go for a good movie or funny book though. :)
Thanks guys for sharing your experiences.

OMG that book sounds dangerous, especially if someone took it as gospel. Hate to think of any nonsuspecting Lupus and maybe even more dangerous type 1 diabeties sufferers living by it. There seems to be a lot of copies floating around to.

As for the Laughter yoga, I think your right, you would need to have the right group of people. Maybe fun with a group of friends, but not as a work exercise.

I know they do a lot of that kind of stuff at corportate breakout sessions. I have been to similar confrences with the bank I work for. Of course the managers all thought it was great, because when they do it they are off in some resort, and maybe just a little intoxicated! But when they filter it down for employees doing it in some hall it felt fake and there was no way I was going to face my inner most fears in front of my collegues.

Thanks again, I value your thoughts.

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