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the vet called and wants my cat

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So I was bit a week ago last saturday by my cat. He was playing too rough, they dont have thumbs ya know :rotfl:. I had antibibiotics, tetanus shot, had reaction etc... (see post under worst week ever.)

Now today there is a message on the answering machine that the vet wants to sequester my cat for ten days and that he atleast needs to be seen at the beginning of the ten days and i could go to a vet closer to home if i want. I called back and told her that ten days would be up tomorrow. She seemed a little confused and i then reminded her that my cat is seen at there office.

She said oh, yea right. I said why would you want him now.. She reads the paper again and seems to understand Then asked if i had filled out all the paper work. I said i had to fill out my name and address the cats name and address in urgent care and i put down that he had his shots at there office and he was good until july of this year.

She finally seemed to get it and said he just needs cleared now since it has been ten days. So my hubby is going to take him over tomorrow. I told her since he is going she can update his shots early. she said that would be fine.

Im not sure she even now totally understands the situation :lol: good thing i know what the heck is going on!!!!!!!!! what a bozo!
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Probably didn't check the date and it took that long for all those procedures to occur ;) I'm glad the cat didn't have to stay at the vet for 10 days. That's hard on cats!

Hope you are all better now. Cat bites on the hand can quickly become infected and the big risk is if it gets into the bone. Can get pretty nasty pretty fast. It's absolutely necessary to go to doctor or ER within a day of getting a cat bite that breaks the skin because they almost always will want to put a person on oral antibiotics. Even if there is no sign of infection at the time.

It never fails, it is always something. :lol: Years and years ago back in my "air-head" comments son Juddson mishandled a kitten. He was all about 2 years old and was quite inquisitive. Anyway, this kitten that looked like the other 10 or so farm cats that we had got rather disgruntled and clawed him on the back on his head and ran off. Judd, no worse for the wear went on with his day and proceeded to get into more things and never acted like a thing was wrong. Quite a few days later, I don't honestly remember the time frame, developed a fever and was cranky. The typical don't feel good attitude. Well, I went to put him down for his nap a noticed a rather large knot on the back of his head that when I touched it he screamed. I called his Pedi and after the typical discussion and description of the knot asked if he had been scratched by a cat. Well, yeah, he had I told him, but I assured him that I had cleaned the site and applied the triple antibiotic ointment and went on with my busy day. Well, the doc said that he would bet that he had Cat Scratch Fever. Really?? I started laughing and thank goodness the doctor knew me well enough not to have my children jerked from me then and there. I informed him that was a song but surely not really an illness. He assured me that it was an illness and that he wanted to see Judd ASAP. Well, after lab work, docs quite thorough assessment, etc sent me home with antibiotics, a bandage over his newly received tetanus shot and said that his head will not fall off. A few days later called and told me that indeed it had been Car Scratch Fever and wanted to know how Judd was. At that time, you would have never known he had been ill. That day I had filled out papers concerning the claw welding kitten. The doc told me that I would have to bring in the cat to be put down. Again, I laughed and I am sure the doc then really questioned my sanity. I told him that there were at least 10 kittens/cats and I knew they were more that we had never caught to count. That if he and a crew wanted to come out to the farm and get in that extremely hot barn, typical hot Illinois summer day, and catch them, he could have them all. Seemed we had a sign somewhere that said "DUMP CATS HERE". He decided to tell the health dept that the cat had disappeared or something because we never heard about it again and never again did we have to be diagnosed with the name of a song, and yes I learned something new.

I had totally forgotten about that whole incident until I read this post. I shared the story with Judd who is now almost 14. He stared at me and with utter disgust in his voice said, "Mom, thats a song, not a stupid illness". I felt totally vindicated!

Have a good one,
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Nancy, I'm sitting here at my desk laughing my butt off. I'm sure my coworkers think I have finally lost my mind!! LOL That is too funny! I didn't know that cat scratch fever was a real illness either! Learn sumpthin new everyday!! LOL Thanks for the chuckle
Way to go. You have to stick up for yourself and your family which include our pets. All this for an accident? Well, I guess I just do the triple anti and a bandage lol. It is good news that all is well with you and the cat.
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