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Well I think I have just invented the DIET that will work...honestly......

It's called ......
' I'm going to meet my ex from 30 yrs ago in September diet'

I was 52 Kg then I'm 80 kg now...the count down has started, i will post every 2 weeks and let you know....

Wish me luck....

P:S: don't know why i'm bothering I chucked him!!!! oh well;););)

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Hey Marika!

You're right! It does sound like the absolute diet that WILL definitely work!! Pretty nifty name for it too!! :lol:

Best of luck!!! Will keep my fingers and toes crossed for those kilos to melt away with the speed of lightning :thumbs::fingers::fingers::goodvibes: :bigsmile:

Hope you're otherwise doing ok! :)


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Jeepers Marika! :lol: If that wouldn't motivate you, nothing would! :lol:

I have an ex of some 33 years ago who has recently gotten hold of my phone (first boyfriend scenario) and has texted me a few times. Just two weeks ago he wrote 'I had a dream about you and your Dad. It was very odd. I would love to meet up and tell you about it' :eek::eek::eek::eek:

I wouldnt even like to tell you how many kilos I would have to lose before I would even wave to him across a crowded motorway!! :lol:

Good Luck with the diet and I will be checking here every two weeks! :rotfl:

Luv n stuff

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Everybody here does the same thing when it is time for a class reunion. Then they all chow down at the reunion because they are starving.

Something that has worked for me is to make smoothies from fruit, milk and ice. It fills me up and I don't feel like snacking.

Good luck,
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