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I don’t know if this aggravates any of you or if you have experienced it.

My mother-in-law telephones me and asks me how I am. I inform her no different then yesterday and I tell her I received a letter I have to go for an urgent MRI. She then states, I have to go for a blood test too and completely dismisses me. I then listen to a 20 minute conversation as to why she needs to have her U&E’s (SMA7) retested from an abnormal result 6 months earlier. She then continues to inform me of all the ailments her friends have and when they are in their 70’s there are a lot of them. She then proceeds to continue on for another 10 minutes about her other friend who has to have her knee replaced and compares this friend’s ailment with yours because in her mind you both have the same thing.

Why is it a competition as to who is the most ill? Why do we have to be compared to everyone else?

I just don’t say anything anymore because it doesn’t make a bit of difference what I have to say and this way I don’t get aggravated.

Just a moan!!!
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