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i wanted to wish you thebest of luck with your treatment. i had my first iv on the 15th of april and the 2nd on 6th of may. i did not feel "real" bad after the 1st until the 2nd week when i developed problems with my sight, speech and co-ordination. i phoned the dr who immediately scheduled a mri which was clear and the problem resolved itself in a couple of days. the 2nd treatment is still kicking my behind. the fatigue is still a problem and i am now taking 100mg of provigil to help with that. i have dropped the predisone from 40mg (since a bad flare in march) to 25mg as of today, with hopes of being down to 10 around the end of august or sept. my blood work did not reflect any improvement "b" cell or ana wise. however, i have noticed an improvement in some cns areas. my "word finding" has gotten better and i dont stumble or search for words as often or hardly at all now. that is really it. please beware of the fatigue and make arrangements or allowances for it just in case.
i wish you the best of luck with you treatments and the infusion wasnt bad for me just kind of a long day. i was nervous but really mine just added up to sitting in a lounge chair for 6 1/2 hrs :).
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