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Threatened miscarriage and lupus nephritis

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My wife has nephritis. We did not plan a pregnancy and she has been preg for almost 2 month now. For almost a month she has been very sick. The specialist told her last month that she has to lose some weight. A seriousness of importance for the baby to not give her any complications.
She has just recently had a high fever, chills, and pain on the left side. Diagnosed with spotting on her vagina. They have told her that they may have to clean her out. The baby's heart beat is very weak.
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Hi Ringostore,

Welcome to the forum. I am very sorry to hear of you and your wife's situation.

I moved your post to a thread of your own so it will be more easily noticed.

Does your wife have nephritis from SLE?

It sounds like she has a lot of issues going on at the moment.

Poor renal function can cause miscarriages, usually only when the kideny function is rather poor.

Sometimes infection can also cause a miscarriage. The fever and flank pain your wife has sounds a bit like a urinary tract infection. If this is the case she should be treated as soon as possible with antibiotics.

There is a thought that obestiy and underweight are related to miscarriages, but this is certainly not so for everyone. It is a good idea for everyone to be as close to a normal weight as they can manage, but I really don't think your wife should blame herself about her weight if the pregnancy fails.

The other problem that often goes with lupus is APS. This is a clotting disorder that can cause miscarriages. Her doctor should have tested her for it, and if positive give her blood thinners in pregnancy.

Please feel free to ask any questions you'd like, and I hope that she is OK....

Take care,

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