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Three Operations in two weeks!!

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Hello Everyone, Just to fill you all in, i have just got home from hospital after my third operation to remove my remaining lymph nodes.I feel like i have been hit by a truck and i look like i have been too! BUT since my operation i have not had one lupus symptom, which my remy said could happen, she believes the cancer was causing my lupus to be angry.So what a big postive out come!!! . I am in lots of pain at mo so wont type anymore, but will return soon . I hope you are all having painfree days. love june
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Sorry you had to go through so much too... but glad you are getting
some lupus symtom relief...

I wonder if there is a connection to having soem lupus relief when
you have surgery to get rid of another problem...

had hysterectomy in March 2007 and a bit over 3 months later brain
surgery and had little flaring which was a concern and over all less
lupus symptoms since

hope you get some rest and get to feeling better soon
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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