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Hi Mary. My 14yo dd has Hashimoto's (underactive thyroid). Don't let the doctors brush you off - I'm assuming your daughter's hypothyroid was determined by a TSH test. Which is a fairly lousy test if the reason the thyroid is underactive is autoimmune. Therefore she needs to have her thyroid abs tested along with FT3 and FT4.

I noticed my daughter's hair loss, hyperpigmentation on her throat/chest, heel pain, irritability, sore throat, dizzy in morning etc and had her tested for Hashimoto's. The doctor humoured me....I'm sure he didn't expect anything to come of it. So when I went back and said I think she's got Lupus as well, he tested her without questioning.

Happily the thyroid specialist she saw said she would treat her if her TSH was above 2.5. If they have antibodies and they don't get treated then things are just going to get worse. Best to get onto it asap.

Many doctors go by the lab ranges and some lab ranges are so outdated that their range could go up as far as 5.0. This is what happened to me and they made me suffer for years.

I would recommend you ask for a copy of any lab tests and keep your own file. Very important to do this.

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