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I don't have much really to add to the above advice. Really just add a voice of agreement.

As already mentioned the lab ranges for TSH are outdated. My endocrinologist wants my TSH under 2 and if it goes anywhere above that I feel much worse. My TSH is even slightly "hyper" right now but it's that or above two so the docs choose to keep it there.

My mother has suffered unecessarily all her life because her GP can't see further than those lab ranges and will only keep her TSH under 5. It makes me angry as she has plenty of other things to deal with without that on top.

For the thyroid question she should be having other tests done to determine if it is autoimmune. She should also be getting treatment even if she doesn't need much. It could change so much in her life and it is one of the things that is easily treated.

As for the other symptoms, yes, they do need checking out. For years docs put those same symptoms down to thyroid for me and I knew something else was going on. My endocrinologist did say that those symptoms could be caused by the thyroid problem but when they continued despite my thyroid being within range he sent me to the rheumatologist for further investigation.

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