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i don,t know whear to start ,
i am sorry because i need to moan and i know you all don,t need this either but i don,t know where to turn to just now
waiting to go for tests, tube looking into stomach may be aluser or something not sure and i am scared
my blood test, have show up that i am bleeding from somewear but they don,t know wear
they think its the lodine tring to stay off but pain gets bad
rash has got a lot worse very ity stingy sore ,night time worse
doing to much with new grand daughter but its very hard not to .
more stresfull than i thought,, she has been ill today with her second set of jabs
they get such a lot now 2 jags one in each leg
she has been screaming today off and on,and it upsets me so to see her this way
i am getting very down again and struggling to pull myself back tink
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Hi Tink,

I understand you feeling a little scared about having a look see into your stomach. When I had an endoscopy the anticipation was worse than the test itself.

Are you being put to sleep or just lightly sedated? I was just sedated and was able to see the entire procedure on the monitor. The doctor explained exactly what I was seeing which was really cool.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

Take care,

It is only natural to be scared of the unknown. I am sorry you are feeling so bad.:hug:

I know how hard it is to see our little grand babies sick. I went threw that last week with mine.

Take care Tink.


PS. Grand children are wonderful addition to the family. Enjoy your little one.:)
Hello Tink,
None of us cope magnificently the whole time, we all get to feel like you do now and again. So you are not unusual, whiny or coping badly!
I hope little one will be over her vaccine reaction soon.
Good luck with the Procedure, be sure to tell them the Docs. you are worried.
Keep talking, we are all here to listen.
x Lola
Hello (((( Tink)))) :hugbetter:

That's tough about the bleeding problem. I am sure the thought of the scopy is daunting but most people find it easier than they think it is going to be and I am sure they will give you something to calm and relax you. Yes babies are hard work and I think we forget. Is there anyway the burden on you can be reduced? It's especially tough when the parent is living with you and maybe working.
You can end up doing the night shift to let them get their sleep and then the day shift too. Do call the doctor if your grandaughter continues fretful. There are medicines to soothe babies but I expect you know that.

I know that I want to help as much as I can and it's very hard to say no unless you literally can't. At times my willingness has been taken for granted and I have let myself be taken advantage of and had to gently read the riot act.

Maybe your doctor can suggest an alternative pain killer and maybe something to reduce what sounds like a bad flare. I hope you don't have to wait long for the scope.

By the way have they checked for anemia? If you are anemic from the bleeding, it can cause all sorts of symptoms

Here's to better days PDQ
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Hi Tink,
sorry you are feeling so rough and it is really awful when you ahve little ones to look after who are good either. Sorry to hear abotu the endoscopy, I thought I was going to have to have an emergency one before xmas but I got away and my doc has not mentioned it again so I 'm not going too.

I was really scared to and I think its harder to deal with if you are already feeling terrible too, its harder to pull yourself together and try and keep a a posistive focus as it takes a lot of energy sometimes.

i am sure though everyone else is right though that it will probably not be as bad as you are thinking in your mind. That's certainly how it has been for me with other procedures, my fear was worse than the procedure. And docs and nurses are usually really good if they know you are very nervous, they usually are very reasuring and take things slowly and explain.

I really hope it goes well for you with a good outcome, take Care

Cassie :)

Hi all and thanks so much for all the replys its good to here from you all
i am a bit worried that theres more to this as i have been not good for a while now they are doing more test than i explained just waiting on letter come in to go was at the hospital on frid
my iron is low and i have been on iron tablets for the last two months
i asked the doc if it was nesasery and he said yes that he did think there was something wrong and that i need it checked
he did say they would give me something to make me sleepy
my granddaughter seems a lot better today thankgoodness so thats good
i put so much down to lupus pain that i miss the other things that are wrong will let you know how it goes when i can love tink
There may be something wrong... but it may be very simple and very easy to fix. I know someone that was taking low dose aspirin, and got anemia and had the endoscopy done which found a bleeding ulcer so she stopped the aspirin and that was all there was to it. I certainly hope it's something as easy to find and fix as that for you too.

My endoscopy I was sedated pretty heavily as I have a strong gag reflex and they will also use a spray to numb the back of your throat to inhibit the gag reflex. If they don't do it automatically then be sure to ask for it - they should have it ready to go. I only remember the beginning part of the procedure and am glad about it. :)

Good luck on your upcoming procedure and hope things improve for you very soon.
hi all i thought i better update on tummy

hi, well i am through with all the test and they said it was
problem with my tube ,doudenum leading into my small bowel that was casing the pain they have gave me tummy pills to help and is was helping
but today my tummys like a balloon again i think the heats not helping
the problem i have now is being told not to take anymore antiinflam pain killers like my lodine or voltral as its making it worse
so at the moment i am on cocodamol which we all know if i get a bad fllare it wont help with the pain at all so i am back to sqare one again .
the good news is they test for cancer and its all clear thankgoodness
just inflamed and should heal up if carfull .
tired grandaughter crawling and her mums not very well so guess hos doing more than she should again yep me
rash is up on arms and legs face need to rest .
oh by the way asked doc for letter for dury duty guess what she wrote on it ,S.L.E. its the first time i have seen it ?????????????
just don,t understand them at wishes tink
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Hi Tink,

I hope the inflammation goes down quickly now that you are on medication to help your tummy. There are still some foods that may cause it to flare up. When it happens you should try to think back to what you had eaten during the day and you may be able to find which food is causing the problem and eliminate it.

Try to rest when you can.

Take care,
Hi Tink,

Just wanted to say I am glad the testing went well and your on medicine to help. You really do want to stay away from any NSAIDS that will upset the stomach and possibly add to distress.

Sounds like the grand baby is keeping you busy. I miss the days of them crawling around on the floor. That is when they are still so innocent and then they grow up to be teenagers.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

I hope you continue feeling well and happy you got out of jury duty!:wink2:
I am a firm believer in positive thinking and positiveness around you. The new baby is a good destraction, but you have to pace yourself. Ask for the worse and prepare for that and when it is the latter of the worse end then you are releaved somewhat.

You have already come so far, you lived through the tests for lupus, you have live with lupus, and now this is a breeze, you will be ok with this also. You have a baby to spoil and then return to the parents lol. That is a good thing to focus on for now and the rest is up to god and the doctors. You have no controll over it and worrying will not make it better in fact it could make it worse.

I hope that all is well with you and that good news is coming your way soon.
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