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It's been brought to my attention that certain members have been breaking board rules, and abusing member priveleges.

This will not be tolerated.

These boards have always been a friendly place to meet other lupus sufferers, to share advice and offer support. I fully intend them to stay that way.

All posts are moderated and any found to be in breach of board rules will be removed. Members who continually break the rules will be banned.

A reminder-
No advertising
No soliciting of other sites or products
No abusing or flaming other members
No arguing

Also included in the above list is members posting repeatedly in order to increase their post count. This is not allowed and members who persist in doing so will be asked to leave.

Any action a moderator decides is necessary to take is final and shall not be put into question. Anyone found to be abusive to any of the moderators, either on the boards, by PM or email, will be banned from the boards.

Please work with us to help keep these boards the special place we have all worked hard for them to become.

Thank you
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Not open for further replies.