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Today's 'silly' ...

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.. or maybe not.

What part of the body, organ, muscle whatever, lies in a sort of diagonal line, (running round the tum in my case), from just below the middle of one side of the waist to mid pubic area/ lowest abdomen that could cause discomfort/pain felt in the front and be sensitive to pressure ?


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You've got me stumped there Clare. I had trouble even following that long journey (wordwise, no reference to your tum)...

Appendix? It is on the right side, place your thumb in your belly button, spread your hand and its about between pinkie and ring finger.

Ovaries? Both sides just inside the hipe bones below the belly button.

Sorry that all I can think of.

Hope your OK - Love Stephanie
bladder after too much tea?
There are lots of ligaments in that area that support the uterus, bladder etc.
Perhaps its that?
Uterus pain I'm sure you could distinguish...being a mother yourself, along with bladder symtoms.
ovarian pain is normally felt along that fold of skin under your belly.

Probably no help at all sorry
I was also thinking of ligament pain when I read the description. Reminded me a lot of the round ligament pain I experienced during pregnancy (& I too have similar pains recently myself that just about replicate that exactly!).
Thank you all for your useful thoughts ! :)

I am going to see the doc on Friday afternoon but had the forethought to arrange to take a specimen down tomorrow morning so test results should be in for the appointment.
If this was Who wants to be a Millionaire I'd answer "atypical UTI" that's maybe gone 'up' some, which I have had before but this was far worse. Atypical in that there have been none of the usual obvious symptoms. Just this very ouchy deep ache on left hand side when I first sat up to get out of bed ( I did think overfull bladder!) and later when I lay down on the right hand side. Still very uncomfortable when prodded. Apart from that only a few premenstrual type cramps. No vomiting or nausea, BM's OK. However I was completely floored with utter fatigue and weakness ,dizzy, headachy total loss of appetite and interest in anything and general bhlaaaaah. I even wondered if I was having a nervous breakdown.
Maybe it is simply a ligament although getting in and out of bed is the most strenuous exercise I have had for weeks apart from simple walking, haha and I never experienced that pain again.
Anyway I felt much better yesterday and even better today although still very odd from time to time.
I have banned the word 'kidney' from my ever vigilant and fearful mind along with a few other nasty words. Thanks again - I'll let you know.

Hugs to all and thanks

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I would wonder about your large bowel and left ovary.

Aparently 90% of diverticulitis pain is felt on the left.

However, i vote it should be a mechanical,muscular / ligament thing that goes away fast.

I hope you get some answers from your doctor, Clare.

Take good care.


Glad you're feeling a bit better, best to get it checked out...does sound rather baffling :rolleyes:

please let us know how you get on :luck:
take care
:hug: love karen x
Hi Clare

Good luck tomorrow. I hope its a UTI that can be sorted out with some anti biotics. Other than that I hope its just a pulled muscle that will settle down. Its amazing how easy it is to pull a muscle! Simply getting in and out of bed can do it. It happened me about two years ago. I turned over to get out of bed and sat up a bit too quick and awkwardly I think. Got a horrid dragging deep pain something similar to what you describe. It was sore for nearly a week but it did go away.

If its not a UTI it might be worth trying a course of anti inflammatories to see if its muscular related? Or are you on anti inflammatories already?

Let us know how you get on

Love and hugs
Hi Clare,

I wanted you to know I have been thinking about you.:hug:

Good luck tomorrow and I hope you are feeling better soon.

Hi Clare

I really dont even have a clue of what it could be,but sure hope it is something easy to take care of ((((((((hugs))))))).I think it defiantely a good idea to have it checked out for sure.Please do let us know and i will be thinking about you itnil you do let us know.

Hi Clare
Wanted to respond to your post earlier and for the life of me couldn't find it again!!!!:eek:
I hope your app goes well!!!!
Good luck Clare, hope everything's all ok.
Thinking of you Clare. :)

Hope your apt. goes well.

Truly heroic efforts from you all ! I had forgotten I had ovaries and never even thought of the not so diverting -isis and -osis possibility.
Well, the upshot was that the left side pain was pulled muscle/ ligament and the feeling so ghastly was coincidental atypical UTI very high white blood cells in the specimen. Put on Amoxycillin.
Looking back, 2/3 weeks earlier I had had some odd pubic twinges and vaguely wondered but I was in the middle of my summer school art classes and the niggles went, so I didn't think anymore about it. I jolly well will take notice next time I have those sensations, tea with the queen, art classes or not, because I'm shocked how very unwell I became. Horrid sneaky thing but easily avoidable, where's my wet noodle.

And I'll get urine tested as routine each time I get my blood done for med side effects, just in case.

Thank you all :)

Hi Clare,

I was wondering how your appointment had gone. I'm glad you have found what the trouble (or troubles) was. Hopefully with the treatment it will soon be but a distant memory.

Thank goodness you went !

Hope you feel better really soon.

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Hi Clare

I am very glad you got it sorted out so quickly.

Unlucky to have both pulled something and got a UTI at the same time though.

Take care.

I am sorry for what you are going through, as I am going through the exact same thing. My first anti biotics(Cipro) was resitant and my appt is Thursday:( So I am living on Cranberry Juice and Pyridium and know if it gets too bad there is Urgent Care, but I am able to get by for now.
The twinge in the pubic is always a surefire sign. I also get a gassy feeling, yet there is not any gas and bloated. Right now I do have the ouchy feelings and my back hurts, so I know without a doubt:hehe:
I think you will feel a tons better in 48hrs. and if not then get back in because you don't want a kidney infection-they are bad news:mad:
Rest, rest and rest!!!! Please take care:)

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