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Hi guys
I have had pins and needles in my feet ALOT recently and now i have a blister on my little toe. it was from new shoes but got it ages ago. the thing is, it now has taken over the wole of the top part of my toe. it also fells dead and numb and doesnt look very healthy. am i just being over sensitive ? thanx
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Hi Angie,

No, you are not being over sensitive at all. I'm afraid I can't remember your whole story but if you are having regular pins and needles it would be well worth seeing a neuro (in any case this must be mentioned to whatever docs you do have).

You might be suffering from peripheral neuropathy. That often comes under better control with better disease control but, in the meantime, you can have similar problems to diabetics who can suffer from peripheral neuropathy too. One of the problems is that, due to lack of sensation, you don't feel an injury to your foot/toes and that injury doesn't heal as it should. It is very important to watch what shoes you wear.

I couldn't find help to relieve my neuropathy pain/numbness and finally found the best advice on a diabetes site. I now buy my shoes very loose, actually a size bigger than normal, fashion has gone out the window... it is essential that your feet not be "sandwiched" as that only increases the numbness.

Around the house (and if necessary elsewhere) I found crocs great as they gave my feet room. I noticed that I got a lot less tingling with them than with other shoes. I now have a great pair of walking shoes which are soft and bouncy (and loose) but I don't do them up nice and tight as one would normally do. It's a whole rethink on footwear.

Of course, this is my experience and you need to see a neuro to establish if you are truly suffering from neuropathy but it is definitely not to be taken lightly. You do NOT want that blister becoming infected!!

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Yeah, me too in my feet and legs , all the way up to the knees :(
Hi angie,

I think pins and needles that are getting worse and persisting definitely need further investigations. When numbness creeps in we can get all sorts of problems, such as injuries that we don't even feel and because of that don't necessarily get them attended to - leaving it wide open for infection etc.

I'm like Katharine no fashion heels here :hehe::hehe::hehe: nice and comfy springy shoes help me and also keeping an eye on my feet to attend to any cuts, grazes etc. to make sure they don't get worse without me realising it.

There can be different causes for this, Vitamin B12 deficiency being one of the most common, Diabetes as mentioned and also due to Lupus if other reasons have been ruled out. Get your doc to check on the obvious causes and if that yields nothing then a visit to Neurologist is a very good idea.

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