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Told to stop Azathropine ASAP!

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Hi guys,

Looking for some advice regarding coming off Azathropine!
I was told on Monday to stop taking because tests showed it was effecting my liver.However,since last night i have been sick,feeling nauseous,dizzy sweaty and quite emotional.Should i have come down gradually rather than going cold turkey,so to speak. I am also in the process of tapering my prednisolone down from 20 mg - 5mg, currently at 6 mg and feeling all over the place.
Any advice would be very much appreciated!

Kind Regards,

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Hi Gwennie,

A few months ago I was also told to stop Azathioprine because it was affecting my liver, too. I was very nausous and feeling very sick but as soon as I stopped it (cold turkey) I felt fine the next day. I was not on steroids though. Maybe you should give you rheum a call. I hope you feel better soon.
Thanks Germanshepards,

If i can work up the courage i will.
This illness truely baffles me,one day you can take on the world,the next your in the gutter!!
Sorry for the rant!
Thanks again for your advice.

Hello Gwennie, I also take azathoiprine, and was asked to stop it for a week i had no side effects at all, i am also on prednisalone and can only reduce 1/2 mg at a time or i feel exactly how you have described so i should think it maybe the reducing of prednisalone thats making you feel terrible, best to ask doctors advise? regards june
Hi Gwennie,
You may need to hold the steroid taper for a bit or even up it again since stopping the Imuran.

I hope you manage to get hold of your rhuemy soon for advice.
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