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My throat is killing me the last couple days. It's in a very low position in my throat (below my adam's apple). And whenever I consume anything other than plain water, my throat and right ear (not left) hurt and sting like crazy. I even get this sensation when I am just chewing my food (not swallowed yet).

Other than eating/drinking though, it's fine. No cough, no problems breathing or speaking, no phlegm, no bad breath. I did have a little bit of blood in my spit this morning though, which leads me to suspect my throat is likely lacerated. I'm not so convinced this is a bacterial infection since I exhibit no signs of sickness.

My tonsil is very red and in a deformed shape right now. I decided to do some research and discovered the tonsil is a part of the immune system. The last time I had major Lupus attack, it began with throat problems (I could barely eat or speak that time).

My Lupus has been on a bit of a rollercoaster this last month, but nothing overwhelmingly serious, all in all, I would say I am healthy and operating normally with good energy levels.

So is there a connection? I found this article:

It marks some discoveries with Lupus and tonsil cells. I wonder if I could request providing samples or something to see if they can discover anything.

Like my first major attack, I found I had these symptoms leading up to it, in this order:
1) Skin lesions
2) Skin twitching, unexpected jolts of pain in various areas of my body (including head)
3) Sore throat
4) Hair loss
5) Fatigue

I don't have #4 and #5 at the moment, let's hope I don't!

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Hey, I suffered badly with my tonsils which were also deformed and had holes in (yuck i know!!) after a year of agony I had them removed. My throat still feels tight and thick sometimes but thankfully theres no pain...I always believed there was a link with my lupus
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