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too many white blood cells...blood test

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my gp found that my white blood cell test came up slightly high. normal is 10,800 mine was 10,900 anybody ever got a higher white blood cell count higher than normal. what was the outcome. thanks
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My wbc count is always high and typically runs about 15,000 and no one seems to know why.

I think with Lupus the wbc count is often low but that is never the case with me.

Typically a high wbc count can mean infection and your count is really not high at all.

My pcp would not even look twice at your number so I would not worry much about it.

I hope your well.:wink2:
thank you so much Karol.:)
I agree with Karol... many times these things are just "one-offs" or just a bit off due to chance/error. Especially when it's barely out of range of normal. If there are no corresponding signs or symptoms that are atypical for you, and you have no signs of infection or some other illness, then I wouldn't be concerned either. Your doctor will likely tell you this, but as he/she knows you and your history and symptoms, he/shewill have the bigger picture and of course that should help to guide you in the right direction (of hopefully/probably not to worry about it!).

With a white count of 10.9, I wouldn't be too concerned. The higher the wbc's are, the worse the infection generally is. When the count is off by a tenth or so, the doc will take into consideration that the machine may not be calibrated correctly or that just may be your norm. It could also be that you are or were in a flare and the count is slightly elevated due to an inflammatory response. Now, while I wouldn't get excited about the count, I would make a note of it on your calender or somewhere and then just pay attention to how you feel for the next few days. You know the basics, fever, chills, burning during urination, etc, just in case you are in the early stages of coming down with something. Its just a little reminder thing that I find benefical to me to help jolt my memory. When I get sick, I don't care to remember anything, so by my writing on the calender, my family has a point of reference if they feel my doc needs to be notified or something. My Rheumy, you have to love him, always sends me a copy of my labs so I can post them on the board. He remembers how anal I am I guess. hahaha.

Have a great weekend and hopefully a healthy one,
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its amazing to me how everyone makes me feel at ease.
considering my anxiety levels. thank you so much.

since i dont know about blood results i always jumped the gun
and always think something is seriously wrong.

my shortness of breath is still there even when sitting down
and when i do too much at home or even outside i get the
palpitations. i still dont know if its a lupus thing or something more
serious is going on.
Peonyprincess, thank you for the calender tip. wow it sounds like you have a very good rhumy. good for you:):)
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