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Hello and welcome to the forum

Trace urine is very common in lupus and might not mean anything. You don't say anything about how lupus affected you before but ANA is not necessarily a reliable indicator of what's going on and anyway lupus can re-appear in a different form. All the same 6 months ago is time enough for things to change When was your next check up scheduled?

I wouldn't panic but calmly get it checked out for reassurance as much as anything. It's a pity your doctor doesn't return calls as a matter of routine. I'd try again. Sometimes there's a reasonable explanation or at least an acceptable one, so give him a chance. If this is typical behaviour consider if you have to stay with him, because it doesn't inspire confidence. If you have no options then get very assertive.

Think about any other symptoms that might indicate a flare, such as fatigue or hair loss, things you might not notice too much.

Please let us know how you get on and good luck

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