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Hi Pam,

No you are not going bonkers, well if you are then quite a few of us here now and in the past are as well ;)

My pharmacist realises that this happens and she knows now that it's safer to stick to the brand names with me. Here they have to ask you if you want a generic or not, that's the law unless the doctor has marked that a generic is alright. Even then you have the option........mind you the generics are just a little bit cheaper but for me it's not worth it.

Several years ago I was on a brand name antidepressant and doing fine on it, then they gave me a generic because they had run out of the brand the day I went to fill the script. In a couple of days it was blatantly obvious that the generic was not doing the trick, I was a mess and it was as if I was on nothing.

With my NSAID I have tried the generic and even though it was enteric coated supposedly (same as the brand) it burnt the heck out of my stomach.

So yes, it does happen and any doctor or pharmacist who doesn't realise it is having themselves on. It's the makeup of the drug, the fillers, the colourings and in that case of mine probably the coating being ineffective.

I would speak to your doc and tell him about your experiment.

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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