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I too get bouts of travel sickness from time to time. I find eating something like a saltine cracker helps absorb the stomach acid lessening the nausea. Small amounts of a carbonated drink can be helpful also.

When I am traveling by car it helps if I drive. If that is not possible sitting in the front seat watching where I am going helps. Never ride backwards.

On cruises or planes we try to stay to the middle of the ship or plane. There is less movement. On our last cruise the stabilizers weren't working so we had plenty of rocking and rolling. I found visualizing the ship going up and down through the troughs of water helped.

If you are real worried there are medications you can try. They do make you sleepy though. Before a cruise my doctor has me start the Dramamine a day before to let my body adjust.

Good luck with your new job.

Take care,
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