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Hi lesley,

There are things you could add to the Plaquenil, however I know that in some places it's difficult to get it prescribed. One option is Quinicrine (Mepacrine) and there are quite a few threads here on it which will give you some more information if you do a search.

Are you being extra careful about limiting UV exposure? I am extremely photosensitive and I have to wear sunscreen inside and out and reapply it at two hourly intervals if it's sunny or I am under lights. Of course as far as the sun part goes then I just avoid it as much as is humanly possible because the effects for me aren't worth it. But sometimes it's hard avoiding lighting so being vigilant about the sunscreen can help.

If all that fails then your doctor may consider something like Azathioprine (Imuran) if your skin problems are really not being well controlled after you have tried other methods. It is a big step up from Plaquenil but the two together may help. I'd try and explore the Quinicrine angle first though. It is only available from compounding pharmacists and you will need a prescription from your doctor.

take care,

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