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trouble walking

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can anyone help me please on sat i went out for a short walk with family after a while my legs felt as though i was walking into the sea, i had to return home as i was in so much pain, that i needed help up my stairs, after resting a while i was ok,i was wondering if this is worth mentioning to my doctor as i had a spinal op eration some 10 years ago.
Please can anyone advise me as i do not know if my doctor will think i am a hypocondriac or not,as i am learning all about the disease.:eek:
By the way i would like to say a big thank you to everybody,i am enjoying this site and the help people have given me in the past.
I am still a novice on the computer but i am getting there
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Hello Sandy :)
Yes, report everything new to your doctor. True hypochondriacs never think they are and a doctor who suggests that a patient is a hypochondriac needs to be ditched as pronto as possible. Deciding something isn't related to lupus or not worth mentioning is in effect self diagnosing. After all, suddenly not being able to walk is pretty serious ! :eek:
I can't count how many times over the years I have read of people not wanting to complain of this or that and it turning out to be something rather important or even not that important in the long run, but easily diagnosable and treatable. Usually whatever it is has got worse and needs more treatment than if it had been found sooner.
I don't know what access you have to your rheumy or when you see him next but get an appointment with your GP and see what he thinks should be done. Also make a note of it so you remember when you do see your rheumy. Start keeping a general diary of symptoms, good and bad for the same reasons.
Take time now to start finding out about your lupus.

Good luck - maybe it was a weird one off with no obvious explanation and nothing like it will happen again. I hope so! :)

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HI claire
Thank you for the advice, i do not see rheumy till August, that is when i start taking the chloroquine meds, so at the moment i am not on anything.
Went out today for a walk and had bother again so i will keep a diary from now on as my daughter even notices it now.
Once again thanks Sandy.
Walking in sea

Hi Sandy
sorry to hear that you had trouble walking lately. :sad:I too have had similar experiences.
Twice I have had broken ankle- strained- on crutches but not in plaster.
With the second 9 years ago, the GP said to avoid walking on sand as it affects your gait on unlevel ground. :eek:Even though I lived at the beach and loved to walk with grandchildren there, I did a lot of walking with a friend around the streets.
However in the last 5 years as the symptoms of lupus/ aps started to appear , and continue to appear, I have had trouble walking. :mad:I still walk but take it easy, and not long distances, as before.
You will be pleased to know I have been on Plaquenil since September. Terrible trouble wwalking, resting, and so hard in bed, coverings were weighing on me, :worried:just like my hands. But now is so much better.
Still so many things to be managed, seeing specialists- rheumy, dermys, dietician. But Plaquenil is helping.:lol:

All the best with your aches and pains etc. :wink2:Hope to see your posts on/off.
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Hi Sandy,

Clare was right this is definitely worth mentioning. In the meantime I suggest you do some light stretches and do shorter walks to keep the muscles toned. People tend to stop exercising and that just makes matters worse.

Take care,

I do agree with the others in that you need to definately let your doctor know that you have been having difficulty ambulating from time to time. It woulld be beneficial to tell them how long it lasted, what it felt like and how bad the pain was and anything else that you think is important and related to your problem.

I, too, have problems ambulating from time to time. I find it very revoting when I have to rely on a wheelchair to get around the mall or an electric cart to go to WalMart. Some days are good and I can walk just about anywhere and other days, it is extremely difficult to get to the bathroom.

Again, be sure that you keep detailed notes on what problems you have and such. This will be greatly valuable for you and your physician.

Good Luck,

I would with out a doubt mention it to doc ASAP. Try to note if there is anything that brings it on. With lupus it seems anyting can happen and a good rhummy will know this. I have been thru PT for gait. Neuro for falling. A good rhummy will not dismiss any symptoms.

Hi Sandy,

I also have trouble with walking but my Lupus has attacked my CNS.

I am with the others and agree you need to tell your doctor ASAP!

Let us know how you make out.:wink2:
Hi Sandy,

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. You have gotten lots of advice, but I have one other thought to add. Do you have good (or any) pain medication that you can take before you go out?

It took my husband a long time to drill that into my head. If I was planning anything that might cause me pain to take it before I set out. It would never cross my mind because I wasn't in pain at the time. Eventually I caught on because if you wait until you are actually in pain it's too late. The meds don't work so well or at all in some cases. Depending on what you have, it might not completely alleviate the pain, but hopefully will help in some way.

Just a thought.

Hi Sandy,
I'm really sorry to hear about your trouble walking and your pain.
I really empathise, i suffer from severe pain and my mobility has really been affected over the last year.
I would definately mention your symptoms to your doc and pain medication is a really good suggestion. I never go anywhere without mine.
I really understand how awful you must feel though. I haev gone from being a super fast, zip around and get everything done asap person to someone who now hobbles everywhere and can bearly climb stairs.
I really hope that your doc can offer something to give you some relief and improvement.

Take Care

Good Luck

Cassie :)
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Hi there,

I am pretty much the same as Cassie, I have always been very active but the last 12 months my mobility has affected dramatically i use crutches 24/7 and have to have a wheelchair when I go out as my legs feel like jelly and they feel like they don't belong to me (and thats without a drink!!!:lol:) It is certainly worth mentioning though, when you go out it is also worth hiring a wheelchair if your legs are unsteady, it helps me out an awful lot.

My thoughts are with you.
trouble walking

Hi Sandy, I sometimes get so weak that I can hardly stand. I have been known to sit down on curbs or on the palets ay stores.:lol: It comes on me very suddenly and I feel as though my legs are going to give out! Please be sure to mention this to your doctor as soon as possible.
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